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"Digital Ink is a must-read for unpublished authors, as well as those of us who wish to review our craft."
-Kat Martin, NY Times Bestselling Author

"A highly recommended read for today's serious author."
-Doris Booth, Authorlink

"A go-to Bible for all things writing. This book is packed with clear information, advice, and examples that will transform your novel."
-Jen Calonita, NY Times Bestselling Author

From protagonists and antagonists, to dialogue and conflict, DIGITAL INK is a powerful, succinct, and entertaining book that will dramatically improve any writer's work.

Suddenly it's a cinch to publish -- pop your manuscript up online via Amazon's KDP, INScribe, Smashwords, or Pubit! and voilá, you've got an e-book. The number of authors, self-published and otherwise, is exploding. But what everybody seems to be talking about is marketing. They're overlooking the actual writing. There's a lot of talk about the sizzle, and yet scant attention to the steak.

This book says hold on a minute! It's not just marketing; it has to be a great book. You have to know how to write. Funny and fast, as a book must be in the digital age, DIGITAL INK takes you through all the basics: dialogue, plot, character development, POV, and more. DIGITAL INK will transform your writing.